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What Do Air Cadets Do?

Here's a look at some of the things you can expect to see and do.

People seem to think we just march and polish boots. Yes we do practice drill and well-polished boots are something we strive for. But that's not all.

Our mandatory training nights are for training, learning and parade.


But we like to break that up with sports, or visits from others in our community such as our local firefighters or police officers who will come in and show us what they do and the tools they use to get the job done. Or sometimes we will visit them and get an inside look at their world.

We Also Have Extracurricular Activities Such As:


  • Biathlon, We have an award winning team and are always looking for others to join. Don't know anything about biathlon, no problem we can train you up.


  • Drill Team Our drill team performs precision routines, like the ones you see videos of. Takes skill timing and most of all teamwork, if you’re up to the challenge, there is always room for one more


  • Marksmanship  Consider yourself a bit of a sharpshooter or you have always wanted to try it out. Well we can help you out there too. Our cadets train with the Daisy / Avanti 853C .177 Caliber Target Air Rifle. Come give it a try if your good enough you might find yourself at the provincial competition. 


  • Ground School  We must not forget about ground school. It is a must have for those looking to fly, you learn, navigation, maintenance, aviation and so much more...


  • We are always looking to expand our extra activities so feel free to share your interests, if there is enough interested cadets, maybe we could start something new!

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